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Karcepts S2000 e-Manage Ultimate Base Tune

Guaranteed HP gains out of your '00-'05 Honda S2000 with this Plug and Play no fuss option...

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The Karcepts S2000 e-Manage Ultimate Base Tunes were primarily developed for '00-'05 Honda S2000 vehicles racing in the SCCA Solo STR class.  This class does not allow any internal engine modifications.  All factory sensors as well as the fuel pump, fuel rail, injectors, intake manifold, and throttle body must remain OEM.  However, bolt-on modifications consisting of aftermarket intakes, headers, high flow catalytic converters, and exhaust systems are permitted in this class.  Whether racing in STR, or simply desiring the full potential out of similar bolt-on modifications, the Karcepts Base Tunes will yield substantial horsepower gains out of your naturally aspirated S2000.  For optimum performance we highly recommend utilizing a K&N FIPK, PLM Header, Berk HFC (70mm preferred), and an exhaust system utilizing at least 2.5" diameter piping.

The Karcepts S2000 e-Manage Ultimate Base Tunes will require:
1x GReddy e-Manage Ultimate 
1x Karcepts Spec '00-'05 S2000 e-Manage Ultimate PNP Harness

You may supply your own GReddy e-Manage Ultimate as well as a Boomslang Fabrication '00-'05 S2000 e-Manage Ultimate PNP Harness.  Customer supplied GReddy e-Manage Ultimate units must be shipped to our location in order to install the Karcepts S2000 e-Manage Ultimate Base Tune.  Customer supplied Boomslang Fabrication harnesses must be re-wired for both the MAP tap and TPS intercept modifications discussed here.  We do not offer any guarantee or support if supplying your own e-Manage Ultimate or harness.  We do not offer any assistance on re-wiring any non-Karcepts purchased harness.  We do guarantee 100% functionality if purchasing all components from Karcepts, Inc.

Important Notes:

1. Karcepts AP1 & AP2 Base Tunes are only to be used on an internally stock S2000 engine with OEM sensors, fuel pump, fuel rail, injectors, intake manifold, throttle body, and ECU.

2. Karcepts AP1 & AP2 Base Tunes assume all OEM components are performing and functioning as was new from the factory.

3. Karcepts AP1 & AP2 Base Tunes require usage of 93 octane gasoline.

4. Karcepts AP1 & AP2 Base Tunes are locked.  If attempting to save the data file from the unit and re-upload that saved file, it will erase portions of the locked Base Tune and render the vehicle unsafe for driving.  A $100 fee will be charged if needing to reload a tune.  However, an available fuel and ignition table may be activated for further fine tuning of the unit by an experienced GReddy e-Manage Ultimate tuner.  Fine tuning may only be performed when "COMMUNICATING REAL TIME" with the locked Karcepts Base Tune.  The tune file cannot be saved externally to disk, but all changes performed "REAL TIME" will always stay with the unit.



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