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Karcepts Spherical Top Hats (Pair)

Achieve the best feedback from your chassis with these solid spherical top hats

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  • Fits: 1988-2000 Civic / 1990-2001 Integra / 2000-2009 S2000
  • Eliminate friction and binding caused by typical rubber/poly top hats.  We have observed certain aftermarket poly designs contributing to over 50lbs of shock bind due to the inability to articulate the suspension freely throughout its motion.
  • Convert fixed spring perch designs to a coaxial setup, ensuring springs are compressed squarely and in-line with the shock
  • Let the shocks control the vehicle, not the bushings
  • Prevent side loads on shock pistons and seals
  • Increase spring rate linearity
  • Large 3/4" heat treated and PTFE lined spherical bearings utilized for long life and quiet operation
  • Option to NOT include upper spring perches: ONLY for customers using high end dampers like MCS, Moton, JRZ, and Penske which already include upper spring perches.  These shock brands assume usage of aftermarket spherical top hats.  After placing your order with this option, please email us your specific dampers to be used.  Be prepared to provide us all pin top dimensions in order to guarantee proper fitment.
  • Option to include your choice of 2.25", 60mm, or 2.50" Karcepts Upper Spring Perches.  These are ideal for setups such as Ground Control, Skunk2, Strange Engineering, Progress, and any other setups that assume usage of an OE top hat.  All Karcepts Spherical Top Hats purchased with Karcepts Upper Spring Perches are designed to fit any 10mm or 12mm shock pin top.  They can be used with OE shocks, Koni shocks, or any of the brands listed above, along with many others.  No dimensional pin top information is needed; however, the end user must measure (or ask the suspension provider for) the inner diameter (I.D.) of the spring in order to select the proper size Karcepts Upper Spring Perch.
  • Sold in pairs



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