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SPC Honda S2000 Ball Joints (Pair)

SPC Honda S2000 Ball Joints (Pair)

These are the required ball joints needed to get some real camber up front on the S2000!

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Designed specifically for the S2000, the SPC Performance Adjustable Ball Joints can correct both front and rear camber.  An original equipment (O.E.) quality ball joint, these adjustable joints correct camber +/-1.5 degrees.

NOTE: Rear applications are ONLY for vehicles equipped with 17" wheels or larger.  Front applications are compatible with all stock wheel sizes and larger.

  • Price is for one pair (2 ball joints)
  • Installation Time: 0.6 hour per side
  • At least 3.5 degrees of front camber is achievable with these ball joints (whereas most camber corrections at the lower knuckle location may only allow up to 2.9 degrees).
  • Ball joints may be used on either the front or rear of the S2000, but as long as you are not trying to win any stance awards, only one pair is needed (for the front), to obtain a practical race alignment.
  • Suggested SCCA STR Alignment: 3.3 degrees front camber, max caster, 0" front toe, 2.5 degrees rear camber, 0.15" rear toe in



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