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Acura RSX-S Primary Wideband o2 Sensor (Denso Packaged)

Monitor your AFR's and stay CEL free

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This is the primary wideband o2 sensor you want/need for any K-Swap.  This sensor is also a direct fit for any 02-04 RSX Type-S.  It will not work on the 05-06 RSX unless utilizing Hondata K-pro.

If you do not have the 02-04 RSX-S primary o2 sensor (and do not have K-Pro to disable a missing senor), the engine will not run properly and you will throw CEL's.  If using Hondata's K-Pro, you do have the option to disable the primary o2; however, we're not sure who would want to do such a thing.  When utilizing K-Pro and this sensor you have the ability to check your A/F ratios and dyno or street tune the car to perfection.  It's a great check for any tune you may upload, and a powerful tuning tool.

If your K-Series Swap never came with this sensor, this is a Karcepts MUST HAVE item.