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Karcepts Shift Knob - M10x1.5/Honda/Acura

Our sleek shift knob design is available in many flavors: Black Delrin, White Delrin, & Stainless Steel

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Karcepts M10x1.5 Shift Knobs are meant for use with Honda/Acura vehicles and any other vehicle's shift lever that accepts an M10x1.5 thread pitch.  These knobs were designed to sit a little taller than Honda OE placement for ease of reach when banging through the gears.

Our custom profile is offered in 3 different material choices:

  • KSK-BD-10X1.5: Karcepts Weighted Black Delrin Shift Knob (150g/0.33lbs) - M10x1.5/Honda/Acura
  • KSK-WD-10X1.5: Karcepts Weighted White Delrin Shift Knob (150g/0.33lbs) - M10x1.5/Honda/Acura
  • KSK-SS-10X1.5: Karcepts Stainless Steel Shift Knob (525g/1.16lbs) - M10x1.5/Honda/Acura

Our newest weighted Delrin shift knobs are our #1 recommendation for any form of racing, as well as street driving.  These knobs have a Stainless Steel insert to give the perfect amount of ballast, which is encased in a Delrin outer shell.  The weight of these knobs gives a precise feel of the transmission and synchros.  The Delrin material also offers excellent thermal properties, where in extreme temperature conditions, it will neither be too hot or cold to the touch.

For those who prefer a heavy knob, our Stainless Steel version has a beautiful brushed/polished finish and weighs in at a whopping 1.16lbs.  While this knob is very enjoyable in a daily driver, we do not recommend it for race applications.



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